Macular Degeneration – An Age-Related Vision Disorder

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Dr. Cameron Javid, and the other retina specialists at Retina Associates in Tucson, Arizona offers eye care involving the retina and vitreous. In other words, conditions that involve the back of the eye. Retina Associates also provides expert treatment for macular degeneration, which involves reduced visibility in the a person central vision.

The condition is caused by an age related cell loss in the macula, which lies in the back of the eye within the central retina. The macula has vital functions, such as helping visualize small details, and is necessary in performing functions such as driving and reading. While it does not impair peripheral vision, macular degeneration causes blurriness, distortion, and darkness, and affects the ability to focus on near and far objects. As the condition progresses, tasks requiring focus, such as threading a needle, may become extremely challenging.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common form of the disease, and 90 percent of patients have dry AMD. Comparatively wet AMD involves sudden, mild to severe loss of central sight, as abnormal blood vessels expand in the back of the eye.
Fortunately there are several treatments available to treat wet AMD and many current clinical research trials available at Retina Associates in Tucson, AZ