Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion – An Eye Blockage Impacting Vision

Retina Associates pic

Retina Associates

With a team of respected Tucson, Arizona, medical professionals, Retina Associates offers quality care for a range of conditions requiring ophthalmologic treatment. Among the areas of focus for Cameron Javid, MD, and Retina Associates are central and branch retinal vein occlusions (CRVO and BRVO).

Retinal vein occlusions involve situations in which the veins that carry nutrient and oxygen-rich blood from the retina’s nerve cells are obstructed. If the blockage involves the main vein, the condition is known as CRVO and if it involves smaller veins, it is called BRVO.

The latter typically occur at arteriovenous crossings, which are situated at the intersection between the vein and retinal artery. The artery hardens in a process of atherosclerosis within a sheath shared with the smaller veins. Losing flexibility and becoming compressed, the restricted blood flow can lead to clotting and occlusion. When the blood cannot drain it can also leak into the macular edema at the center of vision.

Not a curable condition, treatment of BRVO aims at maintaining vision stability, and typically involves intraocular injections of medicine. There are currently 4 medications to choose from or laser treatment. We are currently recruiting patients for the TOPAZ cilincal trial which utilizes a new way to administer a steroid to the eye yo reduce swelling of the macula which is the central retina.

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