Photodynamic Therapy in Treating Age-related Macular Degeneration

Photodynamic Therapy  pic

Photodynamic Therapy

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Cameron Javid leads Retina Associates and offers a comprehensive range of ophthalmologic care. The Retina Associates team also has extensive experience in treating age-related macular degeneration (AMD) among its patients.

This common condition involves damage or breakdown in the macula, which lies at the back of the retina and enables fine details to be recognized. Approaches that Dr. Cameron Javid offers patients experiencing blind spots include anti- vegf injections, photodynamic therapy, which employs the intravenous administration of a light-activated drug. Also, several national clinical trials using new medications are available.

In PDT, the IV medicine travels from the arm to the center of the macula, where it accumulates in the blood vessels that are growing abnormally and leaking fluid. At this point, the drug is activated in the macular area through use of a specialized low-intensity laser light (cold laser) that seals these abnormal blood vessels while maintaining the integrity of the normal blood vessels. The result is that the retina is not damaged, while abnormal leakage is inhibited and vision is stabilized and/or improved.