Early Signs of Choroidal Melanoma

Retina Associates pic

Retina Associates
Image: retinatucson.com

Led by experienced an ocular oncologist, such as Cameron Javid, MD, Retina Associates in Tucson, Arizona, focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases affecting the retina and vitreous. Doctors at Retina Associates have worked with patients suffering from a number of diseases and disorders, including choroidal melanoma.

The most common primary eye cancer originating in the eye, choroidal melanomas are especially dangerous due to an extended period during which the tumor grows without demonstrating physical symptoms in patients. Choroidal melanomas are often found by chance during regularly scheduled ophthalmoscopy procedures. While symptoms may not appear for some time, particularly if the tumor is located in the peripheral retina, individuals may notice a number of warning signs.

Many symptoms associated with choroidal melanomas involve visual impairment such as blurred vision or seeing flashing lights. The goal of treatment is to prevent metastatic spread to the liver and lungs which can be fatal. Any person experiencing these symptoms should contact an eye specialist as soon as possible.,

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