Retinal Detachment – A Serious Eye Condition that May Cause Blindness

vitreous disorders Image:

vitreous disorders

Tucson, Arizona-based Retina Associates provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of retina and vitreous disorders through a team of experienced vitreo-retinal surgeons that include Dr. Cameron Javid. Disorders treated by Retina Associates include retinal detachment, a serious eye condition that can lead to a permanent loss of vision if left untreated.

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina separates from the surrounding tissue, which can result from age, pre existing conditions causing thinning of the retina, injury, advanced diabetes, inflammatory eye disorders, or the shrinkage or contraction of the vitreous, a gel-like material inside the eye. Retinal detachment may also occur when vitreous collects underneath the retina through tears in the retinal tissue. Symptoms of the condition cause no pain but manifest instead in the form of darkening of the peripheral or central vision, flashes of light, and the appearance of debris or floaters in one’s vision. Permanent blindness may occur due to a prolonged lack of oxygen as the disorder restricts the flow of oxygen to retina cells.

Due to the risk of permanent blindness, ophthalmologists advise those with retinal detachment to seek immediate medical help. Patients require surgery in nearly every case, although the type of surgery depends upon the severity of the individual case. Vitreo-retinal surgeons can treat retinal tears that have yet to progress into full detachment with outpatient procedures; such as laser, however, full detachments may require more intensive surgical options. Treatment success varies on a case-by-case basis and in part depends upon damage done to the central area of the retina and the extent of oxygen loss to the retina cells. Vision can take months to improve even in the case of successful operations.

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